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Posted by Sara Fazio • February 1st, 2013

This new commentary reviews common myths and presumptions about obesity and also provides some useful evidence-based concepts about overweight and obesity. Many beliefs about obesity persist in the absence of supportingscientific evidence (presumptions); some persist despite contradicting evidence (myths). The promulgation of unsupported beliefs may yield poorly informed policy decisions, inaccurate clinical and public health recommendations,… Read More…

BMI in Asians

Posted by Graham McMahon • February 25th, 2011

In the Original Article, Association between Body-Mass Index and Risk of Death in More Than 1 Million Asians, Zheng et al. present pooled analyses of the associations between BMI and risk of death in more than 1.1 million people from 19 cohorts in Asia after a mean follow-up of 9.2 years. Underweight was associated with… Read More…

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight, Live Longer

Posted by Rena Xu • December 2nd, 2010

Obesity has long been recognized as a public health enemy.  The suspected health consequences of being overweight or obese run the gamut from heart disease to cancer to diabetes.  But how does being overweight or obese actually affect one’s risk of mortality? This week, NEJM publishes the findings of a study by Berrington et al. that… Read More…