Announcing NEJM Catalyst

Posted by • December 10th, 2015

NEJMCat_250x250NEJM Group announces the launch of NEJM Catalyst, which connects health care executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians with practical approaches and actionable steps to implement changes in their organizations that improve the value of health care delivery and patient care.

NEJM Catalyst articles, case studies, video talks, and events are organized around key themes impacting health care today — patient engagement, care redesign, the new marketplace, and leadership. Each theme has an external advisor who is an authority within the health care industry and has successfully implemented change in his or her own organization.

The value of the themes is further amplified by the NEJM Catalyst Insights Council, a panel of qualified executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians from organizations around the country who will be selected and regularly surveyed to contribute their perspective and information on important trends and issues affecting health care delivery today.

“It’s important to hear from all those involved to help us move toward a higher value health system,” said Thomas H. Lee, M.D. Founding Advisor for NEJM Catalyst and Chief Medical Officer for Press Ganey. “We know their time is limited, and we strive to provide easy, straightforward information that health care leaders can put right into use.”

Each theme is introduced with a live-streamed web event featuring a lead advisor and team of thought leaders carefully selected based on their track record of strong, practical ideas and/or creative and successful execution. Once launched, new content reflecting emerging trends, issues, ideas, and key takeaways are continuously published within each theme.

Visit the NEJM Catalyst site for more information.


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