Applying Genomic Science to Drug Therapy

Posted by • April 6th, 2011

Pharmacogenetics has evolved over the past few years into pharmacogenomics, shifting focus from individual candidate genes to genome-wide association studies. The latest installment in our Genomic Medicine series, Genomics and Drug Response, reviews recent pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomic advances, and discusses how such advances are reflected in drug labels. The authors aim to provide assurance that advances resulting from the application of genomic science to drug therapy may assist with drug selection and dosing, and reduce the odds of adverse drug reactions.  Earlier articles in this series include Genomics and the Continuum of Cancer Care — NEJM, Genomics, Type 2 Diabetes, and Obesity, Ancestry and Disease in the Age of Genomic Medicine, New Therapeutic Approaches to Mendelian Disorders, Genomewide Association Studies and Assessment of the Risk of Disease, Genomic Medicine — An Updated Primer. 

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