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Intraarterial Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke

• December 31st, 2014

She knew the signs. When Mary suddenly dropped her coffee cup because all of the strength in her right arm disappeared and her speech became garbled, she knew that she was having a stroke.  A wise 78-year-old, Mary couldn’t remember where she had learned these warning signs – was it from from her doctor? A friend?… Read More…

Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after Drug-eluting Stents

• November 16th, 2014

“Well, doc, it’s been a year!  Now what?” You first met your patient 12 months ago when he presented to the emergency department having a heart attack.  He was rushed to the cardiac catheterization lab, where a drug-eluting stent was placed to open the blocked coronary artery responsible for his crushing chest pain. He has done well… Read More…

Malpractice Reform and Emergency Department Care

• October 15th, 2014

A 67-year-old woman presents to your Emergency Department (ED) with a headache for the last 48 hours.  She describes herself as “a headachy” person since her late teens, but this one is particularly bad, throbbing, associated with nausea and photophobia.  She is afebrile without neck stiffness. Your thorough neurologic exam reveals no focal deficits. You form… Read More…

PARADIGM-HF Prompts a New Line of Thinking about Heart Failure

• August 30th, 2014

Your patient – a 65-year-old man with an ischemic cardiomyopathy – presents to clinic one week after discharge from another hospitalization for a heart-failure exacerbation. He is doing much better. He remains at his discharge weight and reports good adherence to a low-salt diet and to the extensive medication regimen that you have prescribed: he takes… Read More…