Experience NEJM.org Faster and More Easily than Ever Before

Posted by • January 25th, 2018

There are three things we know about readers of the New England Journal Medicine. You:

  • Are lifelong medical learners who care deeply about advancing medicine through rigorous, evidence-based research.
  • Lead exceptionally busy lives.
  • Wake up every day to an extraordinary array of new information – medical and otherwise – clamoring for your attention.

These three facts have informed virtually every decision we’ve made in designing the revitalized NEJM.org.

This blog series offers a tour of the many new site features that now simplify your discovery, experience, and use of the preeminent medical content published each week by the New England Journal of Medicine.


The first thing you will notice upon arriving at the revitalized NEJM.org is a contemporary new look and feel. Each design element – layout, typography, colors, images, and even white space – has been chosen for its contribution to enhanced readability. The new NEJM.org is easy on the eyes and even more optimized than before for viewing across all types of desktop and mobile devices.


NEJM editors consider thousands of medical studies each year, rigorously evaluate, and select only the most important and best for publication. The NEJM.org homepage, plus specialty and topic-focused landing pages, are designed to ensure that you don’t miss a single new article of interest


The revitalized NEJM.org also reflects a shift to a more user-centric navigation structure. Improved primary navigation provides easy ways to locate current and past NEJM issues, browse by topic or medical specialty, and to explore the new NEJM.org Learning and Multimedia channels (we’ll tour both in greater depth in future posts).

Each article page also features multiple adjacent content modules that aggregate and offer fast navigation to related NEJM content.

That’s not all. The revitalized NEJM.org also introduces a new tool for in-article navigation. This enables readers to jump easily from within one section of an article to another. Tune in for Part 2 in our series where we will explore the Article Tools in detail.

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  2. Gregory Burzynski says:

    Congratulations nejm.org for your new design. I enjoy visiting your site, many great articles regarding primary care physicians and other health topics. I hope you to see more videos and pictures that surely added more appeal to your site. But, it should be compressed otherwise the site will get slower. Good job!