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Posted by • March 22nd, 2018

For our sixth and final post in the new tour series, we have answers to some frequently asked questions.

One common thread has been, “I love the intuitive new design but am unsure where to find some of my favorite features.” While most features are still readily available through the site’s primary navigation menu, the location of that menu shifts depending on two factors: (1) the type of page you are viewing and (2) the width of the screen you are using.

With today’s variety of browsers and screen widths, it was important to ensure site visitors can make the most of, regardless of device. To achieve this, the site navigation menu was collapsed on certain pages and for narrower devices and windows. If you don’t see the site navigation menu across the top of your screen (just below the NEJM logo), you can look for the three-bar menu icon (pictured) that appears in the top right corner.
Here are some other commonly asked reader questions. One caveat is that some of the hover functionality described below is not available on mobile devices.


The most efficient way to get to the current issue is to simply click on CURRENT ISSUE in the site navigation menu. Alternatively, you can hover over the current issue link in the site navigation menu to expand a window containing links to:

  • The current NEJM issue table of contents
  • The three most recently published issue tables of contents
  • Recently published NEJM articles (including those on an accelerated publication schedule)
  • A complete index of all NEJM issues
  • A page from which you can browse all recently published articles


There are three ways to quickly and easily find Weekly NEJM CME activities at the revitalized

  1. Look for the LEARNING link in site navigation. Hover over the learning link to expand a drop down window that features the new CME activities associated with the current NEJM issue. Simply click CME for a list of all NEJM CME activities available, or select one of the new CME articles listed. You can also click once on the learning link to jump into and explore the site’s new Learning center. From there you can dive deeper into NEJM CME (from the top left column) to browse, search, and filter results by subspecialty and other criteria.
  2. If there is CME associated with a specific article you are reading, a CME option will appear in the article’s toolbar.
  3. Finally, you can use site search. Search on keywords for CME that might interest you, expand the filter button at the top of Search Results, and tick the CME box to isolate any available CME activities related to your search words or phrases.


There are two ways to download article PDFs from the revitalized The symbol to look for is a down-facing arrow over a short horizontal line (pictured here); this appears both in the article toolbar and on every article appearing in Search Results. Many thanks to all who have provided feedback on the revitalized Please keep the input coming as we will use reader comments to guide future enhancements.

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