Introducing CardioExchange

Posted by • September 16th, 2010

CardioExchange is an online community exclusively for qualified medical professionals in cardiology. From the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine and Journal Watch, this professional networking site provides cardiology news, cases, analyses, and conversations with leading experts in an interactive environment.

CardioExchange is a place where you can build and strengthen relationships with fellow colleagues in cardiac care, collaborate on challenging medical cases, participate in group discussions on the latest research, and share clinical insights.

Emerging as the place for connecting with cardiac care professionals and thought leaders – including JoAnne Foody, David Hillis, Richard Lange, and more – CardioExchange provides a forum to discuss and share expertise and insights on the practice of cardiology.

CardioExchange members can:

  • Connect with a community of trusted colleagues and access their knowledge base
  • Keep on top of the latest news with extremely succinct and clinically relevant posts
  • Participate in conversations and share commentary with top minds in the field
  • Read, share, and respond to common vexing cases
  • Set preferences to follow the topics, blogs, and members that they most value
  • Find the latest worldwide conferences, meetings, and events in Cardiology
  • Get the most current cardiology job listings
  • Plus much, much more

If you’d like to learn more about CardioExchange, simply visit to sample the superior content and commentary that is posted on a daily basis. To participate in the discussion and gain access to all that CardioExchange has to offer, please  submit a request to join the community. There is no cost associated with membership. If you are a medical professional actively involved in the care of patients with heart disease, then your membership will be approved within 24 hours.

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