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Posted by • June 14th, 2012

The NEJM 200th anniversary symposium, Dialogues in Medicine: Physicians and Patients on 200 Years of Progress, is only a week away!  You are all invited to participate in one or all four sessions via live webcast on Friday, June 22 from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern time.  Get a group together to hear our all-star panelists discuss important issues, and submit your questions via Twitter-  #NEJM200.

HIV/AIDS: What are the challenges to the development of an HIV vaccine? Are there alternative approaches to preventing or curing the disease?  The panel will also discuss the state of the science and drug development, survivorship issues, and strategies for improving access to care across the economic and global spectrum.

Martin Hirsch moderates the discussion with Paul Farmer, Anthony Fauci, Beatrice Hahn, David Ho, and Robert Massie.

Maternal and Fetal Health: What tools do we have now to solve issues facing maternal and fetal health today? What strategies do we need to develop? This panel will discuss progress and challenges concerning preterm birth, neonatal mortality, maternal mortality in the developing world, and problems of declining fertility in much of the developed world.

Margaret Hostetter moderates the discussion with Diana Bianchi, Michael Greene, Nawal Nour, and Chris Wilson.

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer has been with us for thousands of years. Detection and treatment has improved dramatically over the last 200 years, but there is still a long way to go. How can breast cancer patients be diagnosed and treated more effectively now and in the future? The panel will discuss screening, treatment, and survivorship issues, as well as the state of the science.

Robert Mayer moderates the discussion with Lisa Carey, Marc Lippman, Robin Roberts, and George Sledge.

Cardiac Disease: How do we put together the advances and changing options in cardiology for the management of the individual patient? How can we insure that the end result makes that patient’s life better? This panel will cover topics such as prevention strategies, diagnostic tools, and recent innovations in disease management.

Joseph Loscalzo moderates the discussion with Emilia Benjamin, Eugene Braunwald, Desmond Jordan, Thomas Lüscher, and Craig Smith.

Our panelists all have direct experience with these major health areas– leading experts in each field who can speak to how the disease has changed over time; health professionals whose research and practice have had an impact on the disease and—most important—patients whose personal experiences illustrate the suffering caused by illness, the courage needed to face it, and how advances in medicine have changed their lives.

For more information on the topics and panelists, and to view the event on Friday, June 22, visit the 200th anniversary site.

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