New Clinical Decisions: Controlling Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by • October 3rd, 2013

Which drug is best for a patient who needs to get her glycated hemoglobin level down to 7.0%?

Review the arguments, choose a treatment option, and share your comments in our latest Clinical Decisions.

Agnes is a 51-year-old widow with hypertension who has not been able to gain complete control over her type 2 diabetes since being diagnosed a decade ago. She’s heard about a new class of diabetes drugs that works by getting rid of excess glucose into the urine, and wants to know if one might work for her. Considering recent safety trials on saxagliptin and alogliptin, and the reanalysis of rosiglitazone trials, what would you recommend?

This Clinical Decisions presents a brief case and the differing viewpoints of two experts. Vote and comment on how you would proceed with this patient. Voting and discussion is open through October 17th.

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