New Interactive Medical Case

Posted by • February 13th, 2012

Our latest Interactive Medical Case, ” A Startling Decline,” is now available.

An 89 year-old presented with changes in cognition and personality. Six months earlier, he began to require help managing his finances and operating his computer. His family observed that he had a poor memory for recent events and found it difficult to express himself.

What diagnostic and management steps do you choose? Receive feedback on your choices and learn more about his condition and optimal treatment steps at You may also wish to browse previous Interactive Medical Cases and try more.

One Response to “New Interactive Medical Case”

  1. Vasundhara Singh says:

    CBC with PS, CMP, Chest X Ray, UA with microscopy, CT Head Non Contrast

    Dementia,( Alzheimer’s)
    Pick’s Disease
    Subdural hematoma
    Intra cerebral Hemorrhage
    Mutiple infarction stroke

    Assesment and Management

    Determine home situation and caregivers.
    Consider assisted living
    Trial of Aricept