New Interactive Medical Case: “A Man with Bizarre Behavior”

Posted by • August 13th, 2015

IMC813A 24-year-old man was brought to the emergency department by ambulance after exhibiting abnormal and agitated behavior. On presentation, he was wearing only underwear and yelling “I am God!” repeatedly. He was alert, awake, and talkative but was not responsive to direct questioning. Although his speech was fluent, its content was illogical and was not directed toward caregivers.

Test your diagnostic and therapeutic skills with this free Interactive Medical Case, and earn CME credit or MOC points.

Interactive Medical Cases are online simulations based on a real patient’s experience of illness. You follow interactive steps through an evolving patient’s history, diagnosis, and management, from presentation to outcome. During the presentation of the case, you access videos, lab results and brief commentary that explain concepts important for diagnosis and treatment.

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