New Interactive Medical Case: Making the Connection

Posted by • January 30th, 2017

In the case, “Making the Connection,” a 41-year-old man with hyperlipidemia and a history of morbid obesity since childhood was referred to a surgeon for a weight-management consultation and consideration of bariatric surgery. The patient had tried dieting on his own and had also tried several commercial weight-loss programs with little long-term success. Can you accurately assess this patient?

Interactive Medical Cases are online simulations based on a real patient’s experience of illness. You follow interactive steps through an evolving patient’s history, diagnosis, and management, from presentation to outcome.

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2 Responses to “New Interactive Medical Case: Making the Connection”

  1. w martin says:

    What is his BMI?

    Does he have glucose intolerance?

    Are there any contraindications to bariatric surgery?

    What are the patient<s concerns?

  2. w martin says:

    I would ask him to consider bariatric surgery.