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Posted by • October 9th, 2012

There’s a new page on, Medicine and Society, which explores medicine’s larger contexts in the world.  You’ll find content that appeals to a broad area of interests, including global health, government, medical ethics, history, and education.  Each week we’ll feature new Perspective articles, audio interviews, video roundtable discussions, interactive features, and more.

This week on Medicine and Society:

Moneyball and Medicine

Just as the architects of evidence-based baseball have developed metrics to assess players’ performance in terms of the value added to the team effort, value-based approaches to care delivery aim to assess the performance of therapies, practitioners, and organizations.


Head and Shoulder

Over the years, a primary care internist had often told medical students that every illness is psychosomatic — involving both the mind and body — but it wasn’t until she injured her shoulder that she fully understood how true that is.



The Adolescence of West Nile Virus

The current outbreak of West Nile virus is on track to be among the largest ever recorded. Future inquiry will no doubt focus on untangling the confluence of ecologically interrelated drivers responsible for the outbreak. And timely national surveillance is required.



The Past 200 Years in Diabetes

Although scientific advances have led to effective prevention strategies, the pathway to a cure for diabetes has remained elusive. This anniversary article describes progress in the understanding, diagnosis, and management of diabetes during the past 200 years.



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