New NEJM Review Series: Critical Care

Posted by • August 29th, 2013

The first article in a new series on Critical Care, Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock, is now available on

Sepsis, a complex physiological and metabolic response to infection, is a common reason for admission to an ICU. This review, from University of Pittsburgh’s Derek Angus and University of Amsterdam’s Tom van der Poll, examines the basis, diagnosis and current treatment of sepsis.

Coming reviews will address the choice and use of resuscitation fluids and the treatment of shock, as well as newer issues that are a product of our success in supporting older, sicker patients through longer stays in the ICU, including the management of delirium, ICU-acquired weakness, and recovery from prolonged critical illness.

Each article in the series  will be preceded (2 weeks before publication) by questions about the diagnosis or management of the condition to be explored in that month’s Critical Care review article. We encourage you to follow the case and tell us how you would manage the patient’s treatment. We will post the results of the online polling to coordinate with publication of the actual review article.  Look for the next case poll on September 12, and the next review in the series on September 26.

For more information on this series, read the editorial from guest editors Drs. Simon Finfer and Jean-Louis Vincent.

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