New Topics on the NEJM Group Open Forum

Posted by • March 19th, 2015

There’s a lot to talk about on the NEJM Group Open Forum. Read the discussion, like, share and comment to become a part of these active and engaging conversations.

Reviving Research to Prevent Gun Violence: If you were given a research grant to investigate some aspect of firearm violence, how would you direct those resources? How can clinicians who regularly treat patients affected by gun violence translate their experience into a research framework? This discussion, based on a recent NEJM Perspective article, is ongoing until March 24.

Women Physicians in Leadership Roles: While half of medical degrees are now being awarded to women, only a small percentage of leaders in the field are women, so how do we create change? This NEJM CareerCenter discussion is ongoing until March 26.

And, coming on March 24, @JWatch Morning Report – A Behavioral Mystery: Watch videos and see images of a challenging case as it evolves over five days, and tell us how you would manage the case at each stage. Our experts will answer your questions and discuss your diagnosis and management plan with you.

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