Quickly and Easily Find on NEJM.org the Information That’s Relevant to You

Posted by • February 9th, 2018

When you are grappling with a difficult or unusual clinical case, researching a paper, or preparing for a teaching or research presentation, the revitalized NEJM.org makes it easy for you discover all that the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has to offer.

In Part 1 of our tour series we looked at the updated design for readability, enhanced discoverability of content, and user-centric site navigation. In Part 2 we explored the new Article Tools that make it easier to read, save, download, cite, share, obtain rights to reuse, view articles metrics, and more.

Here in Part 3 of our tour series, we focus on the many ways to browse and discover related NEJM content. In addition to a more reader-centric navigation, every article page now features multiple jumping off points for discovering additional, related content.


If your objective at the moment is keeping current with medical knowledge, look to the new articles carousel at the top of each article page, which features convenient links to all of the most recently published NEJM articles.


The Related Articles module reveals NEJM editorial and other supplemental materials associated with the article you are currently viewing.


If you are limited for time, you might choose to focus only on certain types of NEJM articles.  For example, you might wish to isolate just research. Or perhaps you’re interested in reviews, clinical cases, or commentary. There is a module that shows articles of the same type you are currently viewing. Clicking the title of the module will take you to a page that aggregates all available articles of the same type. The default is to show articles in order of publication (newest first), but you will also find options for filtering by Specialty, Article Type, and date (past 6 months, past 1 year, past 2 years, past 5 years, or your own custom range).

With two clicks, you can also change the sort order to show newest, oldest, most viewed, and most cited. Each article result also features convenient tools for saving to your My Account panel or downloading for personal use.

If you like browsing NEJM.org by article type, a shortcut to achieve the same result is to click on any of the red, all-caps headers that appear just above NEJM article headlines.


For physicians and health care professionals wishing to stay up to date on the most important new medical knowledge, there is time savings in paying attention to what is trending among your medical colleagues worldwide. The Most Viewed content module on NEJM.org offers a one-click gateway to the 10 NEJM articles that are the most:

  • Viewed — either in the latest week or month
  • Emailed — in the latest week
  • Cited — either most recently or throughout NEJM history
  • Most covered in the media over the past 30 days


At the bottom of each article page you will find clickable grey tags that take you to content that has been classified similarly in terms of specialty and topics of interest.


Finally, also at the bottom of each article page, you will find a new carousel containing all the articles, editorials, and other content that were published in the same week as the article you are currently viewing.


If browsing (versus searching for) articles, there is one additional new navigation feature you will want to know about. While you can always return to the homepage by clicking on the NEJM logo in the upper left corner of your screen, you can also now bring up the site main navigation menu by clicking on the three-line menu icon near the top right corner of article pages (to the right of search and just below the red Subscribe button).

Be sure to tune in for Part 4 in our tour series in which we delve into improved and expanded capabilities for search on the revitalized NEJM.org.

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