Registration Now Open for Free Web Event on Sharing Clinical Trial Data

Posted by • March 20th, 2017

On March 7th, the New England Journal of Medicine named three teams hailing from universities in Israel and the United States as the winners of the SPRINT Data Analysis Challenge, which encouraged participants to explore and examine the potential of sharing clinical trial data. Open to health care professionals, researchers and data scientists, NEJM asked individuals and groups to analyze the dataset underlying the SPRINT article, “A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood-Pressure Control,” and challenged them to identify a novel scientific or clinical finding.

Hear what was learned from the SPRINT Challenge directly from the SPRINT PIs, data analysts, patient participants, and the NHLBI repository and view the SPRINT Challenge winners present their findings at the NEJM Aligning Incentives for Sharing Clinical Trial Data summit and free live web event on April 3-4, 2017.

NEJM invites you to participate in this open conversation. Join our expert speakers in panel discussions featuring clinical trialists, data analysts, and patient participants, as well as government and funding agencies. These moderated Q&A sessions give you a chance to share your expertise on the subject.

Together, let’s examine the potential for data sharing to teach us things we did not know, to maximize the contribution of patients who put themselves at risk, and to make a positive impact on health outcomes. Make sure to sign up here before April 3rd!

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