Revitalized Serves Up a More Intuitive Search Experience

Posted by • February 15th, 2018

Welcome back to our tour of the revitalized In Parts 1–3 of our series, we explored the many new pathways you now have for quickly and easily finding all the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) content of interest to you at any given time.

If you’re more of a searcher than a browser, we have good news for you too. No matter where you are on, a looking-glass icon (always appearing near the top right-hand corner of your screen on desktop and near the three-line menu item on article pages or mobile) offers instant access to full site search.

The same curation, classification, and tagging of content that enables NEJM to show you related content in many different ways also helps to power relevant search results at

Similar to how global search engines work, you can also expect to see a reimagined presentation of popular/suggested keyword combinations appearing in real time as you compose searches at


By default, search results are sorted by most relevant based on same and similar keywords appearing in article headlines and texts, but you can also easily re-sort your results by Oldest or Most Cited.

The revitalized now also offers you an ability to filter search results on multiple criteria at the same time. These criteria include: medical specialty, article type, and publication date — choose from four pre-built time filters or create your own custom date range.

While default search results show you all relevant NEJM articles, the tab at the top of each search results page continues to enable easy segregation of relevant multimedia, including videos, figures, illustrations, audio discussions, and more.


Ticking the CME box at the top of a search results page enables you to instantly isolate relevant activities, such as exams or Interactive Medical Cases (IMCs), that you can complete to earn credits toward annual CME, and in some cases, ABIM MOC requirements.

A convenient SAVE button on each search results page enables you to store and return later to the results via your My Account panel at

If you’d like to conduct a more targeted search, you can click the Advanced Search link, which appears to the right of the main search box and offers prebuilt options for building more complex search queries, including exact-phrase searches, keyword AND combinations (choose the ‘All the words’ option), and keyword exclusions (use the ‘Without the words’ field).

For more on getting the most from your search experience at, see our detailed Tips for search page, and be sure to tune in for Part 5 of our tour series in which we’ll explore the new Multimedia and Learning content channels at

If you have had time to explore the new site and would like to recommend a topic for our tour series, please do so by email message.



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