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Posted by • January 20th, 2012

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of NEJM, we invite you to share your story.  NEJM is a community where physicians and medical professionals have been sharing their research, perspective, and insight for two centuries.  We’d like to hear from you, the individuals who make this community thrive.

What inspires your work in medicine?  Who has influenced your professional or personal journey?  What role does NEJM play in your education, your practice, or your career?


Many of your peers have already submitted videos or written stories.

One physician reports: “Growing up in the Middle East where I went to medical school, I recall our wait with anticipation for the new issues of NEJM that came bundled once a month to our medical library.” The highlight was reading the weekly Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he would later have the good fortune of working.

An NEJM  reader for 30 years calls himself an “ordinary physician” and tells us,  “I do not aspire to seeing my own name in the Journal– it is enough for me to see it arrive in the mail every week and know that I am connected thereby to the people who are going to help me be a better physician and help me understand where our profession is going.”

A researcher from the Netherlands tells the story of how his two 1985 NEJM papers on fish consumption and coronary heart disease came to be.

A professor emeritus from East Virginia Medical School shares that his decision to start reading NEJM when he emigrated to the U.S. from Britain 46 years ago, “led to one of the greatest benefits of my intellectual life – the discovery of the writings of Dr Lewis Thomas through his columns “Notes of a Biology Watcher”.

A U.S. physician whose letter was published in NEJM was impressed with the Journal’s reach.  Within hours of receiving his issue he received an email about it from someone in Australia.

A reader from India tells us, “While traveling the oft trod path of medical school towards clinical practice, few tools form essential and trustworthy companions. One such indispensible companion has been the NEJM.”

A health policy professor from Georgetown University says, “It is the body of highly policy relevant research published in the Journal that makes it immortal in my view, and it is difficult to overstate the extent to which I rely to this day on the Journal for the studies that will bring the most meaning to efforts to make health care better.”

A doctor from New Mexico says reading journals like NEJM helps him to provide his patients with a better standard of care. “And I am able to do this in the nearly-extinct capacity of an ‘old fashioned’ general practitioner.”

A physician from Israel shares that, like many, she has used the NEJM since the early days of her training to practice and improve her clinical thought process and skill.  “I didn’t know that one day it would also provide significant hope and the tools required to decipher my own illness.”

Browse this growing collection on the anniversary website, and take a moment to submit your own story.  We all play a role in advancing medicine, and we’d like to hear about yours!

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