Stalking the Diagnosis — the Latest Interactive Medical Case

Posted by • February 11th, 2010

A 58-year-old woman presented to her primary care physician after several days of dizziness, weakness, urinary frequency, fever, and dry mouth.

Learn more about this patient’s clinical presentation, past medical history, and results from a physical exam when you try our latest Interactive Medical Case, Stalking the Diagnosis. As you proceed, you will be guided through the patient’s clinical developments and presented with detailed videos and graphics from lab and radiologic tests. Multiple-choice questions throughout allow you to test your diagnostic and therapeutic skills, and once a choice is made, you receive immediate feedback on your decision. Interactive Medical Cases are based on our popular Clinical Problem-Solving series, and allow you to virtually manage an actual patient’s case, from presentation to outcome. You may later read the full Clinical-Problem Solving report.

CME credits are also available by purchasing the exam at the end of the case for $15. To try Stalking the Diagnosis and receive CME credit, click here.

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