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A 34-Year-Old Woman with Increasing Dyspnea

Posted by • March 21st, 2014

In the latest Case Record of the Massachusetts General Hospital, a 34-year-old woman with a history of Raynaud’s phenomenon and symmetric joint pain was admitted to the hospital because of increasing dyspnea. An echocardiogram showed severe pulmonary hypertension. Diagnostic test results were received. A diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension can be confirmed in a straightforward manner by… Read More…


Posted by • June 3rd, 2011

The latest article in our Clinical-Problem Solving series, A Recurrent Problem, presents this case: A 50-year-old woman from Texas had nasal stuffiness, postnasal drip, myalgias, cough, and hoarseness in early winter. Six weeks later, her nonproductive cough and hoarseness persisted. She had no fever, chills, night sweats, pain, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, or rash. A… Read More…