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40-Year-Old Woman with Postpartum Dyspnea and Hypoxemia

Posted by • July 18th, 2014

In the latest Case Record of the Massachusetts General Hospital, a 40-year-old woman was admitted to this hospital 10 days post partum because of dyspnea and hypoxemia associated with leg edema and blood-tinged sputum. Diagnostic procedures were performed. Causes of dyspnea and hypoxemia in the peripartum period are predominantly of pulmonary or cardiovascular origin, the latter… Read More…

Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus and Fatigue

Posted by • May 31st, 2013

In the latest Case Record from the Massachusetts General Hospital, a 56-year-old woman with diabetes mellitus was admitted to the hospital because of hyperglycemia and chest pain. Approximately 4 years earlier, a chest radiograph showed a solitary pulmonary nodule in the right upper lobe.  The differential diagnosis for uncontrolled diabetes includes undertreatment or misdiagnosis of… Read More…

Missed Connection

Posted by • December 7th, 2012

In the latest Clinical Problem-Solving article, a 63-year-old woman presented with edema and erythema of the skin of her legs and with orthopnea and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea. The edema had first appeared almost 2 years earlier but had worsened markedly in the previous week. Isolated, bilateral lower-extremity swelling and erythema that have been stable over a long… Read More…