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A Man with Respiratory Failure

Posted by • October 16th, 2015

In a new Case Record of the Massachusetts General Hospital, a 57-year-old man was admitted to the ICU with fever and respiratory failure despite treatment for pneumonia. There was rapid-onset, right upper lobe consolidation with purulent secretions on bronchoscopy. What is the most likely diagnosis? A positive urine test for histoplasma antigen is compatible with a diagnosis… Read More…

Breathtaking Journey

Posted by • August 3rd, 2012

A 48-year-old man came to the emergency department in early August with a 3-day history of influenza-like symptoms and profound dyspnea on exertion, which had started 3 days after his return to Boston from a vacation in California. Read this latest Clinical Problem-Solving case on The hantavirus pulmonary syndrome came to national attention in 1993, after… Read More…