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Violence against Health Care Workers

Posted by • April 28th, 2016

Health care workplace violence is an underreported, ubiquitous, and persistent problem that has been tolerated and largely ignored. According to the Joint Commission, a major accrediting body for health care organizations, institutions that were once considered to be safe havens are now confronting “steadily increasing rates of crime, including violent crimes such as assault, rape,… Read More…

Announcing NEJM Catalyst

Posted by • December 10th, 2015

NEJM Group announces the launch of NEJM Catalyst, which connects health care executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians with practical approaches and actionable steps to implement changes in their organizations that improve the value of health care delivery and patient care. NEJM Catalyst articles, case studies, video talks, and events are organized around key themes impacting health… Read More…

Chronic Infectious Disease and the Future of Health Care Delivery

Posted by • December 20th, 2013

Work that has been done in low-income countries to build health systems that can respond to AIDS and TB (as well as other acute and chronic diseases) shows that with adequate resources, we can improve care delivery, sharply reducing morbidity and mortality.  This week’s new Shattuck Lecture discusses lessons from 25 years of responding to… Read More…