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Ezetimibe and Cardiovascular Outcomes

Posted by • June 3rd, 2015

As you walk into Mr. R’s room to see if he has last-minute questions about his discharge medications, you can’t believe how different – how much better – he looks dressed in his usual clothes, instead of an errantly-snapped hospital gown.   You met him 4 days ago, when he was wheeled, pale and groggy, onto… Read More…

Niacin with Laropiprant in High-Risk Patients

Posted by • July 16th, 2014

Your patient, a 70-year-old man with a history of a heart attack three years ago, sits across from you at his regular outpatient follow-up appointment. He’s doing well. He’s exercising and taking the medications you prescribed, including his statin, but he’s wondering if there’s anything more he should be doing to lower his “bad,” or LDL… Read More…

Diabetes Care Goals: Are We Making Progress?

Posted by • April 24th, 2013

As a medical resident in primary care over the past three years, I cared for a large number of diabetic patients, and each one seemed to present a unique challenge. For instance, Walter, who was legally blind, lived alone, and required daily treatment with insulin. After numerous discussions with our clinic pharmacist and social worker,… Read More…