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New NEJM Quick Take: Nut Consumption and Mortality

Posted by • November 22nd, 2013

Will eating nuts help you live longer? The most recent NEJM Quick Take looks at a new epidemiologic study that found an association between nut consumption and reduced risk of major chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus, in two large cohorts of health professionals. NEJM Quick Takes are brief animations that summarize… Read More…

Nuts and all-cause mortality

Posted by • November 20th, 2013

Can a handful of cashews a day make you live longer? It might sound nutty, but an epidemiological study published in this week’s issue of NEJM suggests that regularly eating nuts is associated with a lower rate of death. The idea that nuts – a nutrient-dense food, full of unsaturated fatty acids, fiber and vitamins and minerals… Read More…

Cesarean or Vaginal Delivery for Twins

Posted by • October 2nd, 2013

Twin births today are different than when I arrived as half of a pair.  Arriving as Twin A, I made a vaginal entrance head first as did my womb mate/brother, Twin B.  Such an arrival was not unexpected because duo debuts are a natural event occurring every generation in my family, but my parents weren’t… Read More…