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Adalimumab in Patients with Active Non-Infectious Uveitis

Posted by • September 8th, 2016

A 44-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus and sarcoidosis presents with a 3-week history of severe visual disturbance in both eyes. After referral to an ophthalmologist, she is diagnosed with idiopathic posterior uveitis. Her symptoms improved while receiving oral steroids over the course of 5 months. However, after completing steroid treatment, her glycemic control… Read More…

A Man with Cloudy Vision

Posted by • July 1st, 2016

Syphilis can cause uveitis and retinitis. The uveitis can be anterior, posterior, or both (panuveitis) and can occur with or without a hypopyon (usually without). A 50-year-old man with psoriatic arthritis and HIV infection presented with cloudy vision, decreased hearing, and gait instability. Two months earlier, the patient had begun taking antiretroviral medications. A diagnostic test result was… Read More…

Eye Infections

Posted by • October 29th, 2010

This week’s Case Record of the Massachusetts General Hospital presents, “A 22-Year-Old Woman with Blurred Vision and Renal Failure.” Serious eye infections must be diagnosed and treated promptly to avoid permanent loss of vision. The three main categories of vision-threatening eye infections that need to be considered are keratitis, uveitis, and endophthalmitis. Clinical Pearls • What are… Read More…