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A Randomized Trial of Protocol-Based Care for Early Septic Shock

Posted by • April 30th, 2014

Over a decade ago, a trial revolutionized how patients with septic shock are treated in the early hours of their hospital stay. In 2001, with the premise that existing interventions in septic shock occur too late in a patient’s course, Emanuel Rivers and colleagues reported that patients treated in the emergency department with a protocol called… Read More…

Risks and Benefits Associated with High vs. Low Target Blood Pressure in Septic Shock Patients

Posted by • April 23rd, 2014

Mr. G is a 59-year-old patient with a history of chronic hypertension who presents to the ICU with septic shock. As his physician, you want to make the best decisions to manage his complicated condition. You recall that the Surviving Sepsis Campaign has guidelines for this very situation, and they recommend reversal of his initial… Read More…