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Perioperative Bridging Anticoagulation

Posted by • August 28th, 2015

In this Original Article, a trial assigned patients with atrial fibrillation who required warfarin interruption for an elective procedure to either bridging anticoagulation or placebo. Forgoing bridging was noninferior to bridging for arterial thromboembolism and superior for major bleeding. A video summary is also available with the article on For patients with atrial fibrillation who… Read More…

Ischemic Limb Gangrene

Posted by • August 14th, 2015

A new review article covers ischemic limb gangrene. A variety of systemic illnesses can be associated with limb gangrene with preservation of arterial pulses. Many such disorders involve venous thrombosis caused by a procoagulant–anticoagulant imbalance often related to low levels of protein C. There are two distinct syndromes of microthrombosis-associated ischemic limb injury. Venous limb gangrene… Read More…