Remember to take the Critical Care Challenge!

Posted by • January 28th, 2014

Have you taken the latest Critical Care Challenge? There’s still time to vote and comment. To recap the newest development: our sedated and intubated patient’s condition stabilized for two days, after which his ALT suddenly rose to 3402, his AST to 5322, and his bilirubin to 3.8. How should his liver failure be treated?

Submit your diagnosis via our online poll. On Wednesday, results will be posted with the latest review in this series on And if you’ve missed previous articles in the series, check out the Critical Care Medicine page.

One Response to “Remember to take the Critical Care Challenge!”

  1. Marconi Brandão says:

    I would perform an ultrasound to check his biliary tract and his gallblader. Would also check for his pancreatic enzymes. An Endoscopic Retrograde Duodenumpancreatography might be performed in order to alliviate a possible obstical at the Pancreatic Duct!.