Take the New Critical Care Challenge!

Posted by • February 13th, 2014

A 77-year old man is undergoing mechanical ventilation following an emergency laparotomy, complicated by septic shock and then liver failure. The nurses note that our patient is bleeding slightly from his surgical site and from around both his arterial and central venous catheters. How should we assess and manage his bleeding?

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14 Responses to “Take the New Critical Care Challenge!”

  1. roupen says:

    fresh frozen plasma

  2. Filippo Bernardini says:

    PT aPTT fibrinogen bleeding time

  3. Ulfat says:

    It is a case of SIRS with DIC,we have to go for CBC,Coagulogrm,FDP-manage SIRS and give whole blood transfussion.

  4. Anwar says:

    Must carry out these blood tests:
    _Pothrombin time
    _Fbd….fibrin product.(inta vascular.coa.

  5. Dr Digvijay says:

    By mismatched blood.

  6. Dawn Moleins says:

    Great question

  7. Fabio salas says:

    Do she recieves heperine ?

  8. mariam says:


  9. ehsan says:

    fresh frozen plasma

  10. dr suryakant dhoke md says:

    Cbc,pt inr aptt dfps treat wth vasopressin ,
    Heparin,vasppressors,higher antibiotcs,monitor investigations to look for mof,multiorgan failure

  11. angel says:

    tromboelastrography and direct therapy

  12. Dr mohsen asna ashari says:

    DDX: DIC
    managment: FFP & Platlet infusion