Test Your Diagnostic Skills

Posted by • December 16th, 2010

Learn interactively, get immediate feedback, and compare your performance with that of others when you try our latest Interactive Medical Case, “A Crazy Cause of Dyspnea”.

An 18-year-old black woman presented with fever, ear pain, and dull discomfort on the right side of the chest that was unchanged with movement or inspiration. She had no other symptoms and had previously been well aside from mild exercise-induced asthma. Chest radiography was performed, and the images showed air-space opacities in the right base and left perihiliar region.

Video, animation, and interactive content allow you to delve into the case. You may sign in to the site to save your work. CME credits are also available by purchasing the exam at the end of the case for $15. You may also wish to try one of our previous Interactive Medical Cases: “Bitter Pills,” “Hard to Conceive,” “Stalking the Diagnosis,” “Painful Purple Toes, A Crisis in Late Pregnancy,” and “A Bloody Mystery”.

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