There’s Still Time to Participate in Clinical Decisions: Management of Sciatica

Posted by • April 3rd, 2017

Time hasn’t run out to participate in our last Clinical Decisions article discussion, Management of Sciatica. You have through April 5th to vote and discuss on whether you would recommend Mr. Winston, a 50-year-old bus driver who has come to your office with a 4-week history of pain in his left leg and lower back, undergo lumbar disk surgery or receive nonsurgical therapy. Read the entire case to make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision, then vote for the option that you would recommend for Mr. Winston. Participate here!

Clinical Decisions are a great way to help you evaluate treatment options and gain insight from colleagues. The articles include a case vignette, plus clinically acceptable management options, each supported in a short commentary by a respected clinician. You are invited to vote for, and comment on, the options at, where a diverse range of thinking is presented. Browse previous Clinical Decisions articles here!


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