View Dialogues in Medicine Videos

Posted by • July 12th, 2012

What are the challenges in developing an HIV vaccine? What strategies do we need to solve maternal/fetal health issues today? How can breast cancer patients be diagnosed and treated more effectively? How can we insure that advances in cardiology make the patient’s life better? Prominent experts gathered in Boston on June 22 to discuss these questions and many more in a stimulating and inspiring day-long symposium. It is now available for you to watch, in segments, or in its entirety. Four panel discussions- on HIV/AIDS, maternal and fetal health, breast cancer and cardiology-  explore how medical research and practice has evolved to improve people’s lives over the past two centuries.  See heroic patients Robert Massie, Robin Roberts and Desmond Jordan, and experts in their field Paul Farmer, Tony Fauci, Margaret Hostetter, Nawal Nour, Marc Lippman, Joe Loscalzo, Eugene Braunwald, and others talk about the past, present and future of medicine.  View the videos on the 200th anniversary site now.


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