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Posted by • February 3rd, 2012

As part of the NEJM 200th anniversary celebration, each month we will present a selection of five articles from a period in NEJM history and ask you to choose which one you think is the most important. At year’s end, we’ll post the winning articles from each period and let you choose the most important article in NEJM history.


In the January round, the 1846 report of using ether anesthesia was voted the most important article from 1812-1879. This month there are 5 new articles to vote on, from 1880-1929.

In 1906, James Homer Wright wrote about how he stained and studied bone marrow, describing what are known today as platelets.

In 1910, five case reports of children with the same puzzling symptoms- history of injury, limp, thickening at the neck of the femur, absence of pain, no shortening of the leg- detail the first description of osteochondritis.

In 1915, Elliott Joslin elucidated the reasons why pregnant women who developed gestational diabetes, or diabetic women who became pregnant, should be allowed to carry their babies to term.

In 1923, Boston physicians reported an early attempt at surgical correction of a 12-year-old girl’s mitral stenosis.

In 1926, the epidemiology, clinical findings and biology of a new infectious disease was described, known today as “rat bite fever” or “Haverhill fever.”

Read the articles from that era, and vote on which you think is most important.

You may only vote once.  If you’d like to nominate a different article, there’s a box at the bottom of the voting page where you can list the citation.  Next month, we’ll have five new articles for you to vote on, from 1930-1959.

3 Responses to “Vote on the Most Important NEJM Article”

  1. Leo van der Reis MD says:

    each option in and by itself reflects a major advance. the recognition of (the function) platelets probably has generally the most far reaching implications and that is why it is my selection.

  2. Leo van der Reis MD says:

    where do I vote ?