Was there a moment that shaped the doctor you are today?

Posted by • August 9th, 2012

What was your most memorable day in medical school? Or, is there an experience you will always remember from your time as a resident/trainee? We’d like to hear your story about a moment that shaped the doctor you have become.

On Facebook, Cherry Adjchavanich said, “Day 1 of Gross Anatomy Lab.”  Others best remember graduating, and being called, “doctor.”   Adi Helew recalled losing an infant patient, and the father’s reaction.  In a story on the 200th site, Siddharth Singh shares a story about assisting with an amputation, and knowing he had chosen the right profession.

Read others’ stories on the 200th anniversary website, and share yours now!

One Response to “Was there a moment that shaped the doctor you are today?”

  1. bill martin says:

    One day after rounds our tutor asked the question. What is the commonest affliction of mankind? After several answers were dismissed he stated “unhappiness”. I have not forgotten his answer and it has helped me to understand many perplexing clinical syndromes.