On the New NEJM.org, There’s a Tool for That!

Posted by • February 2nd, 2018

Welcome back for Part 2 in our blog tour of all the ways the revitalized NEJM.org makes it faster and easier for you to discover, experience, and make use of the most compelling and professionally relevant medical research available from the New England Journal of Medicine.

In Part 1 of our series, we looked at the revitalized site’s design for readability, discoverability of new content, and user-centric site navigation. Here in Part 2, we look at all the new and enhanced Article Tools that make it easier to read and learn from NEJM and to use NEJM content in your own professional, academic, and lifelong learning pursuits.


When you visit NEJM.org, a new set of Article Tools now appears to the left of your screen. For convenience, the toolbar follows you as scroll down through an article.

Either rolling or hovering over a symbol in the toolbar yields a popup description of what the tool does. Clicking on a tool either executes its task or exposes more options.

For example, clicking on the new in-article navigation tool exposes a comprehensive list of available places within the article to which you can jump instantly. It also offers instant access to all other articles that have cited the NEJM-published research (as documented by Crossref) plus any related letters to the editor that NEJM has published.

Article Save and Download tools do just what you expect them to. Note that to save articles of interest to your NEJM.org account, you must be signed in. Downloading an article generates a convenient and easy-to-print PDF version for personal and other limited uses.

Social media sharing options for NEJM articles have now been consolidated under a single new Share tool, which connects instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. It also offers options for sharing via email and copying an article’s URL for sharing via text message or other means.


What better time to complete and earn credits for a directly related CME activity than just after you have finished reading and contemplating an NEJM article of interest?

If there is an NEJM CME activity available based on an article you are reading at NEJM.org, a CME option will appear in the article toolbar. Your successful completion of the activity will be automatically recorded and a downloadable certificate will be added in your My Account panel at NEJM.org.

If you are ABIM-certified, successful completion of related Interactive Medical Cases (IMCs) will also earn you ABIM MOC points, and will be reported automatically to relevant systems, again as long as you are logged in and have entered your unique ABIM ID number to your account.


While Article Save and Download tools support personal use of NEJM content, the Permissions Article tool takes you directly into the RightsLink management system where you can apply for and/or purchase rights to reuse NEJM content for a large variety of non-personal uses.


The ellipsis symbol on the new Article toolbar brings you more options.  You can Download Citations in a wide variety of commonly required formats – RIS, EndNote, BibTex, Medlars, ProCite, RefWorks, and Reference Manager.

You can Download Slides, a quick and easy way to obtain distilled versions of article essentials plus figures, illustrations, and so forth for use in presentations or as study guides for medical students. This capability is available to NEJM subscribers and also to non-subscribers on all freely available NEJM articles.

You can also set Article Alerts, so you will be aware of any new activity related to an NEJM article of interest.


Virtually all NEJM research articles come packaged with charts, data tables, images, illustrations, and other related graphics. Those graphic elements are now available to readers both from within NEJM articles and, for easier viewing, via a new Figures/Media tab atop each article page.

Quick metrics such as numbers of references, citing articles, and related Letters to the Editor also appear at the top of each article view along with a convenient link to the more in-depth metrics tracked and reported by NEJM for each article it publishes.

Be sure to tune in for Part 3 of our tour in which we dive into improved capabilities for easily and quickly discovering relevant NEJM content of interest via search.

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